Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Kehoe Burrito Bowl

Who’s a fan of the eatery Chipolte?  Or should I ask who isn’t a fan of Chipolte? There moto is food with integrity and they stand by it.

We love Chipolte for many reasons. We love Chipolte for:

Their dedication to foods that are sustainably raised

Their use of organic products whenever possible

They support family owned farms

They use locally produced ingredients whenever possible

And their food is just darn tasty. 

Chipolte is the only “fast food” our family knows.  Now we don’t frequent Chipolte often, but when we do, we always leave with a smile.

So why am I raving about a restaurant on a food blog dedicated to promoting eating at home?  Well they are our inspiration for tonight’s dinner. 


The Kehoe Burrito Bowl

Creamy avocado and yogurt pairs well with tangy salsa.

This homemade burrito bowl has all that the Chipotle burrito bowl has to offer and then some.  As good as chipotle is, they have some faults.  They use vegetable oil to grill their meats and veggies and they don’t use 100% organic ingredients.  The calorie load in some of their foods can get up there.  Okay, now I feel guilty for bashing them.  But as far as restaurants go, they are at the top of the heap for using fresh, quality, real-food ingredients. 

So the KEHOE BURRITO BOWL is just as tasty with a few modifications that, in my opinion, have a small edge for health.

 The Players in the burrito Bowl:

Cooked Organic Brown Rice tossed with fresh Lime juice and chopped cilantro

1 lb of Organic, Grass Fed Ground Beef* cooked in desired amount of homemade tex-mex spice mix and dashes of your choice of hot sauce.

Sauteed Sliced Sweet Bell Peppers and Onions 

Prepared Salsa like Greenwise organic salsa

Cooked black beans with 2-3 gloves of minced garlic

Avocado, sliced and cubed

Plain whole yogurt or source cream  There are many more health benefits from yogurt so we use that instead of the traditionally used sour cream.

Locally we get our beef from our friends here in Pasco county at Lake Kersey Farms.  Their beef is grass fed, raised without antibiotics or growth hormone and is non-certified organic.

Grass fed beef has more omega 3s, more antioxidants vitamin E & A and is naturally leaner that cattle fed on grain.
Some fat is good but drain off the excess.
To save on time, I soak my black beans overnight in water.  The next day I drain them from that water and refill the pot with fresh water and ½ teaspoon of salt.  I boil until cooked and strain the excess water from the beans in a colander.  I return beans to the pot and add minced garlic.

While the beans are cooking I will also cook the rice. 

When we are sauteing, our oil/fat of choice is either:

Coconut oil

Grape seed oil

Organic Butter

Olive Oil- if kept at medium heat or lower

The assembly:

Place a scoop full of rice in a bowl.  Top with ground beef, sautéed peppers and onions,  follow with some prepared salsa, a dollop of plain yogurt and diced avocado.

Homemade Tex-Mex Spice mix

1 teaspoon cumin powder

1 teaspoon onion powder

1 teaspoon garlic powder

½ teaspoon sea salt

Pinch or more of Cayenne pepper

  I like to spritz the final dish with a little fresh lime.  It just smells so fresh and brings all the flavors together. Someone else in my house agrees.

Lana likes limes.

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